Welcome to the Legac-e Learning Zone, dedicated to education for mainframe programming and operation.

We can delivery most courses over the Internet if desired, offering a more cost effective solution.

Courses Available


Welcome to Legac-e Education, developers of WEB based learning material for IBM mainframe servers.

We specialise in the development and delivery of classroom or Internet based workshops aimed at educating computer Operations or Programming personnel.

Whilst our main thrust is in z/OS environments. we have run courses relating to other IBM Operating System platforms.

We have produced bespoke courses on request, but our main focus is in the following areas:

    • Assembler, - (z/OS, z/VSE, and z/VM)
    • CLIST - (TSO Comamnd Lists)
    • COBOL,
    • REXX - (Windows, z/OS, z/VM )
  • Job Control Language (z/OS)
  • Interactive System Productivity Faclity (ISPF)
    • Dialog Manager (DM) &
    • Program Development Facility (PDF)
  • Infra-Structure
    • Customer Information Control System (CICS)
    • Time Sharing Option Extended (TSO/E)
    • Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM)
    • z/OS - The Operating System itsef.
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