4 Smart Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Self-Storage Unit

Have a lot of stuff that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of? Then self-storage units, like those of Bluebox Storage, are the perfect storage solution for you. Not only can you store your items for the long term, but you can also rest easy knowing that they are safe from all elements of nature and intruders. But even with the storage unit options, you must work with the space you have. So how can one make the most out of their storage unit?

Here’s a window into straightforward parking tips to help you utilise your storage unit to the maximum.

1. Pick the Storage Facility With Care

When looking for self-storage units, don’t just go with the first facility you come across. Prioritise the safety and security of your items. So when picking a storage unit facility, assess their level of protection. Do they have working security cameras? What about 24/7 security camera monitoring? Do they have an electric fence around the facility? An excellent facility won’t leave anything to chance and will have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your belongings. Also, do they have climate-controlled units? Also, choose a facility that offers competitive prices.

2. Price is Not the Only Factor to Consider

Typically, people looking to rent self-storage units will ask for estimates first before they can consider other factors. While you want an affordable storage unit, don’t let price be the only determining factor. Instead, opt for a storage unit that offers value for money.

The best way to pick a self-storage facility is to consider all factors. The facility should have sufficient security, be located near your home or office, and provide you with around the clock access to your self-storage unit. Also, if you’re planning to store art or other items that can be affected by humidity and temperature, choose a facility with climate-controlled self-storage units.

3. Insurance

Whether you’re storing old furniture or files from the office in your storage unit, make sure that your things are covered. After all, one cannot rule out losses due to natural disasters like water damage and fire. So before you move your stuff to the storage unit, have them insured. You could cover them by including stored items in your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy. If your plan does not cover possessions in self-storage units, pick a self-storage facility that offers insurance for your belongings.

4. Organise Your Things

While it’s pretty tempting, don’t just throw your things into the self-storage unit. Organise your belongings in groups. For instance, you could put heavy furniture together, files on one corner, and use boxes. Organising items in a storage unit not only makes retrieval of items more straightforward and faster but also helps you keep track of what’s where. Also, label the boxes to make finding things easier the next time you want to retrieve something from the self-storage unit.

It pays to organise items in your storage unit. When you organise items in your self-storage unit, not only will you avoid wasting time shuffling through your things looking for what you want, but you’ll also free up extra space.